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Instant Print Camera for iPhone

Lifeprint_ProductsFor many of us these days, the smartphone is our ultimate photo shooter. Everywhere we go, from holidays to weekly outings at a favorite coffee joint, will often yield Insta-worthy photos that look great on those notched displays. However, sorting out all those photos can be quite a chore, and to print them out? Who does that anyway? Lifeprint Products wants to bring together both the old and the new with the launch of its Instant Print Camera for iPhone. The Instant Print Camera is actually a printer case that attaches itself to an iPhone, transforming it into an instant printing, photo-making marvel.

 Many social settings such as product launch events and especially weddings, do feature a photobooth. There is a photographer stationed there normally, with a portable photo printer in place so that guests can bring home that evening’s memory. However, why waste a perfectly good camera that will capture far more detail than what the portable photo printer is able to print out? A smartphone is good enough for the job, and this is where the Instant Print Camera makes itself useful in such situations.

Bringing together a unique blend of digital and analog technology, the Instant Print Camera will be accompanied by Augmented Reality Hyperphoto Technology that makes photo prints come to life while featuring the likes of Social Sharing, AR Facial Filters, Social Network Integration and a complete Photo Editing Suite. This makes the Instant Print Camera from Lifeprint the most fully featured iPhone printer to date.

As a piece of hardware, it is certainly an engineering marvel. Sporting a spring-loaded cradle, the iPhone remains secure and in place, leaving you without any worry that it might pop out of the printer. In addition, the printer’s slim design makes sure it does not get in the way of the iPhone’s clean and sleek form factor. To cap it all off, the Instant Print Camera is even case-compatible, so that users need not to remove their existing case in order to use it. All photos are printed on 2×3 inch “sticky backed” paper, and the $149.99 asking price is definitely worth checking out.

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