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Instant Irrigation System does its job efficiently

instant-irrigation-systemFarming can be hard work, do not let the likes of Harvest Moon fool you, that is for sure. It will be a whole lot more than just having cute, digital cows with hearts floating around to prepare you for the farming life. Well, when it comes to farming, proper irrigation too, is required, and hence it makes perfect sense if you have the right tools in the first place in order to be as efficient as possible. Having said that, the $149.95 Instant Irrigation System happens to be a digital irrigation system which will attach itself to a spigot, where it will automatically turn the water on and off.

This digital irrigation system that hooks up between a hose and the spigot as mentioned earlier will come with an LCD display, and this LCD display will enable you to easily set the exact time that the water will turn on and off, as well as the number of days per week that you would like to to water. The LCD can be removed from the unit, and will boast of large buttons as well as a dial that allows you to easily adjust its settings without the need to hunch over the spigot. There is a separately sold water distribution system to boot, letting you hook up to half a dozen hoses, and can be turned on at any time. It will run on a single 9-volt battery, and fits 0.75” and 1″ spouts. Surely this will help you to a certain extent if you lack the relevant green fingers