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The Instant Hot or Cold Pain Relief Wand takes away aches like magic

The Instant Hot or Cold Pain Relief Wand

When you’ve got throbbing pain in your joints, it’s very hard to carry on like normal. It makes everyday tasks far more difficult much in the same way a migraine can. You can pop some pain killers and wait for them to take effect, but not everyone wants to resort to medication immediately. Sometimes it’s better to use heat or cold compresses to give your muscles a breather.

You can always use a clean tube sock packed with rice in the microwave for a heated pad or an ice pack wrapped in a washcloth for a cold compress, but both lose their effectiveness quickly. If you wish you had a method that didn’t lose its temperature so easily, then the Instant Hot or Cold Pain Relief Wand can help. This looks like a futuristic remote control with a large circle on the top. There is only one button you’ll need to worry about to turn this on or off, and it can cool to 43 degrees or up to 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

Through this wand, you won’t have to worry about condensation from ice, or diminishing heat after the first two minutes of applying it. This will cost you $59.95, and will need four AA batteries to function. While this can radiate the desired temperature somewhat, it would also be good for pressing the heated or cooled element up against the desired area.

Available for purchase on Hammacher