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The Instant Dry Umbrella won’t drip its way into work

Instant Dry Umbrella

When you’re out in the rain, you want to make sure you’re covered well enough to protect yourself and all the things you’re carrying. Hopefully you’ve been able to remember to bring your umbrella in the first place, but the obnoxious part is getting to work and having a trail of water follow you to your desk. If you live in an area known for rain, you’re likely always trying to shake off the as many raindrops as possible┬áto not add to the squishy-wet carpet problems near the door.

If you want to make sure your umbrella stays as dry as you’d like to be, then you’ll want the Instant Dry Umbrella. This is a canopy umbrella like any other, but it has a water-repellent fabric that will let you easily knock off any straggler raindrops in one motion. This will also shut out 99% of UV rays, though putting yourself in the shade of most umbrellas will usually have the same result.

It’s not a new concept since there are lots of things that repel water now, but this was made for a specific purpose. This will cost you $48, but is sure to keep you and all your belongings free of liquid the moment you step out of the rain. There are far more scientifically advanced umbrellas out there, but this one is approved by the museum of modern art so that makes it better, right?

Available for purchase on momastore