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Instagram Coasters

When Instagram first came out, no one would have thought that this particular app would be the bomb, so to speak. After all, was it anything groundbreaking? Well, the success of Instagram and a $1 billion buyout by Facebook a short while later, and nobody is laughing. This is serious business, and with the proliferation of smartphones as well as the ability to upload what you are looking at in an instant (with an artistic filter, of course), you can be sure that Instagram’s a modern day tech hit. You can choose from 4-pack and 8-pack Instagram coasters which retail for £14.99 and £21.99, respectively. All you need to do is select your collection of favorite images, and place your order for 4, 8 or a set of 12 coasters. They will subsequently be printed out and sent over to your doorstep, just like that. Made from sturdy and water-resistant material while finished with a gloss varnish, you can be sure that the Instagram Coasters will offer a personal and artistic touch at home, while making for a decent conversation starter just in case the alcohol served fails to make tongues wag. ]]>

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1 thought on “Instagram Coasters”

  1. Or you could print unfiltered, normal colour coasters and leave them in the sunlight to fade.
    Boom, instant hipster.

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