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Instacube is the 21st century home accessory

instacubeWe live in a world where there are plenty of social network options out there, not to mention plenty of people snapping photos and uploading them online almost immediately through a variety of channels, and Instagram happens to be one of them. Show the rest of the world just how tech savvy you are with the £149.99 Instacube, which will be able to provide your Instagram feed with the kind of publicity that it deserves – or so you think, anyway.

Basically the Instacube is a unique device that will streams your favourite feeds, as it shows off feeds in real time at three times the size of the average smartphone. In this true blue digital era, the Instacube happens to sport wireless capability, not to mention it has a touchscreen, to boot. You will be able to welcome guests into your home and surprise them with the Instacube alongside your hashtag hall of fame. No longer do you need to squint as you check out your Instagram feed, since all photos shown are triple their original size, and it also packs a rechargeable battery to keep it going, in addition to 4GB of internal memory.