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The Insta360 Spherical Video Camera gives you the full picture

Insta360 Spherical Camera

Life is a flowing collection of moments, each of which are so unique that it’s hard to properly capture or describe them. It makes sense then that we love taking pictures as it’s the only way to give an accurate portrayal of a specific point in time. While getting a camera on your phone was a big deal years ago, now we’re worried about the quality of the images we take.

If you’re wanting a new way to capture your moments, the Insta360 Spherical is a 360 camera will give you the necessary tools. It’s not going to be the only option for your images, but it will add some diversity to what shows up on your Instagram feed. It consists of two 210 degree fisheye lenses that together can produce 3040 x 1520 res images, and the same quality at 30fps for videos.

Not only will you be able to take video and pictures, but you can use this for live feed and streams as well. It is compatible with iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus, or you can use it as a standalone camera. There is a free corresponding app, and thanks to the small size of the device it can easily go wherever you do. You’ll be looking at paying out $215 to get this goodie, making it affordable only for the people who found a way to make Instagram their full time job.

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