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Innovelis releases BudFits

Chances are the iPod (and now possibly iPhone) would be pretty popular devices to bring along with you while you engage in a form of vigorous exercise (swimming doesn’t count unless you’re rocking to a waterproof case and earphones), but that can result in the earbuds falling out. A minor irritant, but still irritating nonetheless. The BudFits from Innovelis solves this problem as described.

Constructed of soft, flexible rubber, BudFits snap onto Apple earbuds and then wrap over the top of the ear. In doing so, they ensure iPod and iPhone earbuds will not fall out and also maximize user comfort by eliminating the need to wedge earbuds into the ear canal to keep the earbuds in place. BudFits quickly snap onto earbuds to provide extra support and comfort, yet they can be easily removed for times when extra support and comfort is not necessary.

BudFits are compatible with all iPod and iPhone earbuds made by Apple, and prices hover between the affordable $8.99 to $9.99 range.

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  1. philips already makes these type of headphones and they are much more comfortable than the iCrap, I mean ipod headphones

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