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Inkwell reveals tattoo watches

inkwellIn the past, a watch is not so much a piece of equipment that you wear around your wrist as it is a timekeeping device, and for good reason, too – folks did not have the privilege that we have today when it comes to telling the time in a myriad of ways; ranging from our computers to smartphones and other digital signage. These days, watches are more of a fashion statement with the side function of being able to tell you the time, or perhaps smartwatches end up augmenting your smartphone experience as you can tell whether there is an incoming call or email with a look of your wrist, rather than having to reach into your pocket and taking out your phone. Inkwell would like to spice things up a bit in the watch department with their latest tattoo watch range.

Inkwell happens to be a watch brand that has been inspired by tattoo art, and it was created and approved by professional tattoo artists. Touted to be the first tattoo watch project to date thanks to its unique strap embossing technology, it makes it indistinguishable from actual tattoo thanks to its tangible depth of lines and contours and natural coloring work.

The Inkwell project is an idea that intends to transfer the physical properties of a tattoo onto leather straps, as opposed to making a beautiful yet ordinary print. So far, dozens of material types and technologies have been tried before arriving at the satisfying result of today, ending up in the straps that you see being used.

For Inkwell’s first series, there will be a trio of timepieces available, where each of them is made of 316L stainless steel with an option of PVD coating and Ronda 763 swiss movement on board. The watch cases themselves have been designed after the original creation of Rupert Inkwell, assembled and welded with his own hands. As for its signature sturdy leather straps, these were created with unique embossing imprints that deliver authentic depth and physical qualities to the image and colored by hand. Its packaging will be a leather roll decorated in tattoo stylistics. You can’t get any cooler than that, for real!

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