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InkCase IVY is a new iPhone 7 case that does more than offer protection

oaxisOwning a brand new smartphone would more often than not mean having one more action item to do — that is, to purchase a protective case to go along with it. Even more so if you happen to pick up one of those high end premium devices, surely additional protection is more than welcome. Well, it looks like there is a brand new iPhone 7 case that is in the market by the folks over at Oaxis, calling it the InkCase IVY. The InkCase IVY is more than a simple iPhone case, it is touted to be an iPhone 7-compatible Personal Assistant. Now that’s certainly saying a whole lot.

How does the InkCase IVY go about with its tasks? Well, this is no ordinary case, and being a smart case, it boasts of an E-Ink screen that has been specially designed to conserve phone battery while bringing daily reminders, tasks, and notifications to users. Pre-orders for the InkCase IVY is already open, so for those who would like to up the ante when it comes to their iPhone protection will definitely be able to benefit from owning this.

One more advantage of the InkCase IVY is the fact that it will not add too much bulk to your device. In fact, it will make the iPhone 7 a mere 3.1mm thicker, while sporting a high-quality 2.13-inch E-Ink display that comes with the likes of anti-glare properties which will help to diminish eyestrain while letting users consult their InkCase IVY with ease.

Expect the InkCase IVY to showcase the time, fitness activities, and scannable membership barcodes, in addition to making it easier to manage to-do lists, issue calendar reminders, and receive select notifications based on the user’s identified favorite contacts. Why not let those around you know subtly in a digital manner your mood by choosing special styles and images for display on the E-Ink screen? It is said that a single charge will let the InkCase IVY last for up to two months.

Arriving in black and white and a couple of special editions, prices start from $49 onward during pre-order.

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