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Ink Cartridges turned into lamps


Ink cartridges get tossed in the trash plenty, so one Etsy seller decided to reuse those and turn them into a new form of technology.  These small lamps might not be bright enough to read by, but if you are going to spend the money for novelty lights, you might as well pick up ones that are recycled.  That way it’s a little more eco-friendly.  You won’t have to worry about safety concerns either, since the Etsy seller put all of the lamps through extensive testing to make sure that they are completely safe.

The lamps come in several different color choices, such as yellow, light magneta, matte black, light cyan and cyan.  You can also get an ink cartridge chandelier that has all of the different colors within it.  The chandelier will of course put off quite a bit more light than the individual cartridges would.  You can also purchase the LED bulb that works with the cartridges, directly from the seller.  The lamps do all come with a 6 watt bulb though.  The cartridges will all cost you $35 a piece and the chandelier will cost you $200.

Source: CraziestGadgets

3 thoughts on “Ink Cartridges turned into lamps”

  1. Wow, this is just amazing and i really appreciate this creative idea.Hope to see more good ideas here.

  2. It’s an awesome idea, and I love the size and shape! It’s great for decorating around the house…can you remove the label though?

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