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IngenuiTea Teapot makes drinking loose leaf a more pleasant experience

Ingenuitea bottom Dispensing Teacup

If you haven’t figured out a trend with my articles, I really like coffee and tea. There are so many ways you can make a cup of either, and brewing times and temperatures can affect each cup to be slightly different than the last. As much as I love both, I normally end up drinking coffee, mainly because it’s a tad easier to clean up after, and even with a press I don’t get as much debris in the last few sips. However, tea is infinitely better for you, and the caffeine you get from it releases more evenly than coffee does, so that set me out to finding a better method of getting my fix.

The IngenuiTea Bottom-Dispensing Teapot made drinking loose leaf so much easier, and cleanup is pretty simple to boot! There are different size cups for different sized mugs, though generally I found myself liking the 16 ounce best. You load your loose leaf into the main chamber, fill it with water while it’s sitting on the counter, and set your timer. When it’s ready to go, set it atop your cup and the mesh strainer at the bottom keeps the leaves in the teapot while the freshly brewed tea will filter into your mug.

The bottom will only dispense tea when the plastic bit at the bottom is pressed in by sitting on the rim of your mug, so if you’ve got an oddly shaped mug this won’t flow as smoothly as you’d like. This is dishwasher safe, but I always just rinse it shortly after use and set it out to dry, cleaning only when needed. The top can be taken off easily, and it’s made of pretty sturdy plastic. This is a $17 gizmo that should definitely make its way into your kitchen if you love tea. You do have to knock the leaves out when you’re done but that’s no more difficult than cleaning out a french press.

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