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IngenioSpec smart eyewear for the elderly

ingenio-specGetting old is something that all of us cannot avoid, as nobody is able to beat Father Time. This also translates to our bodies being subject to the ravages of time, where our hair begins to turn white, crow’s feet appear around the eyes with the eyesight getting dim, our hearing not being what it used to be, and even our mental faculties begin to give way. It is a good thing then that technology has progressed thus far to be able to help make growing old easier, and the IngenioSpec smart eyewear is one such device.

This patent-protected smart eyewear technology will obviously target the seniors, where IngenioSpec figured out that current devices and services in the market which attempt to address some of these needs tend to be unwieldy and conspicuous. Not so with IngenioSpec’s integrated technology in this eyewear, where it arrives in a discreet yet stylish product that merges the ultimate in ease-of-use alongside compact, lightweight electronics.

After all, many seniors already do make use of eyewear every single day, so why not turn it into something smart? Seniors who live alone or might require additional help in getting around, or perhaps to keep in touch with loved ones will find this smart eyewear something that is worth checking out. It has a simple learning curve, where the waterproof eyewear charges automatically when placed naturally in its case, and all of the features can be accessed via the eyewear’s one-button interface.

A single tap of the button will call up its digital assistant via a language of your own preference, and you can then make calls to contacts, or perhaps obtain answers to questions such as “What’s the major news?”; “Have I walked enough today?”; and “How do I get home?”. Just in case the digital assistant is unable to help, there is the option to hook up to a live professional operator, now how about that?

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