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Infra Red Camera Ready Nest Box

Now here is a little something for all of you budding voyeurs out there – the Infra Red Camera Ready Nest Box. It might seem like the average wooden bird house to the passer by, but this £84.99 purchase is actually a sneaky little camouflage for something more sinister – it holds all the relevant electronics inside so that you can always capture the goings-on of your neighbor – although we do know that you have a perfectly good alibi when the authorities question you – this little Infra Red Camera Ready Nest Box can also be used to study your feathered friends up close and personal without them knowing any better.
Even more brilliant is the kit comes with infrared lights and cameras that will help you capture night time images in black and white, so you can always have something interesting to look at once you are done surfing through all 500 channels on your TV.