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InFocus reveals mighty small Kangaroo PC

infocus-kangarooDon’t you just love the wonders of miniaturization? Getting things smaller than ever before, and yet are able to churn out performance that is superior to its larger sized counterparts is definitely a feat of engineering worth applauding, and then some. Having said that, here we are with InFocus that has just revealed the extremely tiny Kangaroo PC form factor. The Kangaroo will be a Windows 10 Mobile Desktop PC that would arrive in its smallest form factor, as Kangaroo has managed to shrink a powerful Microsoft Windows 10 PC into a shape that can travel with you just about anywhere without any issues. All that you need to do is to hook up the Kangaroo to a mouse, keyboard and monitor or to an iPad, and you will gain full access to all Windows 10 desktop programs and files.

Kangaroo offers users with the performance of a light-use desktop computer that will be paired with the convenience and mobility of a smartphone. This mobile form factor will be powered by an Intel Cherrytrail (Z8500) SoC while sporting an on-board battery that has been paired and a standalone Kangaroo Dock with port access for the likes of HDMI and USB connectivity. You can hook up a Kangaroo Dock to existing screens and devices, where these include PC monitors and big screen TVs, in addition to projectors and the iPad.

Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, you can always make use of the Kangaroo to be an entertainment streaming media PC via an HDMI connection on any TV once you are done with your work. Windows Hello integration, the embedded fingerprint reader delivers easy login and maximum personal security sans the need for any passwords. It will arrive in all-black premium satin aluminum, where the style and finish will compliment users’ existing personal tech. With a battery that can deliver up to four hours of casual use, the $99 Kangaroo is a Windows 10-powered no-compromise PC which will be available from mid-November onward.

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