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InFocus Kangaroo Pro delivers a PC in a pocket size

infocus-kangarooIt was just last year that the folks over at InFocus worked on what they deemed to be a mini marvel – and we thought just as much as well, as the Kangaroo PC which came in a very small form factor, and yet packed quite the punch in terms of processing muscle for a device its size. Well, InFocus certainly did not rest on their laurels for sure, as they have now come up with the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro, which is their latest smart-phone sized desktop PC. And by smartphone-sized, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is really, really small, right?

Running on the Windows 10 operating system despite such a small size, the Home Kangaroo Pro will revolutionize the PC market as it takes the original Windows 10 Kangaroo Mobile Desktop PC while throwing on expanded features as well as connectivity in order to unlock a variety of new uses, which would then make it different and unique from any other PC on the market. For instance, the Kangaroo Pro will come with the new Dock Pro with VGA, HDMI and Ethernet connectivity, not to mention one USB 3.0 port, a couple of USB 2.0 ports, a 2.5 inch hard drive bay and an audio port, which will further be able to help the user expand its applications for this powerful, ultra-portable PC.

All that you, the end user, will need to provide would be a mouse, keyboard and any screen, where even an iPad will be able to get the job done. When armed with the necessary peripherals, the Kangaroo Pro would then become a fully-functioning Windows 10 desktop PC. Thanks to the added VGA connection, Kangaroo Pro can be used with virtually any PC Monitor or projector for uncompressed media files, Microsoft Office desktop programs, even as a presentation device or as an on-the-go travel companion. There is an Ethernet port for wired connectivity, while the open hard drive bay paves the way for multi-terabyte storage options.

Expect the Kangaroo Pro to retail for $199 a pop, making it extremely affordable for anyone on the lookout for something small yet useful.

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