Inflatable raft that can carry 6 people

Cabana Islander inflatable raft

This is such a cool summer idea and would certainly turn a few heads if you started inflating this thing on beach. It’s an inflatable raft that can carry up to 6 people.

The smaller raft at the front is there so you can actually climb onto the thing, and the large bucket-shaped attachment can be used as a cooler for soft drinks or even a couple of beers. The sun shade can be detached if desired, and there’s a tethering point so you can secure the raft if necessary.

The raft can carry a total weight of 1020 pounds and costs $320. The electric air pump is an optional extra though.

I would certainly have loved one of these in my student days. Just stick it in the boot (or trunk depending on where you are) and head for open water, blow it up with the electric air pump, climb aboard and just party with your friends for a few hours.

The Cabana Islander is available from Sky Mall. Found via Shopaholics.

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