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Inflatable Massage Chair

Inflatable Massage Chair
This isn’t the newest of products but it’s the first time I’ve seen one, it may not be the quality of the OSIM massage chair but a portable inflatable massage chair is still pretty cool.

I actually read the advert for this in a newspaper supplement (The Daily Star embarrassingly enough). The description of “The most wonderfully relaxing chair you will ever buy” may be a slight exaggeration but the guy in the picture does look very comfy. Priced at just under 60 quid it about 2,000 pounds cheaper than the OSIM (in fact it probably costs less than the postage of the luxurious OSIM massage chair).

What I like about this chair is it doesn’t look like an inflatable and would some what match many traditional leather suites and when it’s not needed can be deflated folded and stored in it’s own carry bag. If you’re off to watch a footie match at a mates house there’s no longer the need to turn up early to get the best seat, just turn up 2 minutes before kick off, unpack the chair, plug in the supplied electric pump and 2 minutes later your own personal massage chair is ready to relax your joints (the only thing missing is a holder for the obligatory big match beer).

The main functions of the chair are:

  • 6 hidden massage pads
  • 10 different massage programs
  • Remote Control
  • 15/30 minute timer
  • 3 different levels of massage

Okay so it’s not a Oasis La-Z-Boy or an OSIM massage chair but it does offer portability and at a price that won’t break the bank.

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