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This Infinity Gauntlet Bank holds no gems

infinity-gauntlet-bankIt is said that with money – and lots of it, you will also be able to gain a whole lot of power in the process. After all, people would do a lot of different things where money is concerned, and hence, it is no surprise at all to know that the rich also tend to be the powerful and elite in any strata of society. Why not be the most powerful being in the universe by wielding the fictional Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel’s universe? Save for the fact that this $29.99 Infinity Gauntlet Bank is not a glove to hold all of the infinity gems, but it should be able to help you save enough money for a rainy day.

Arriving in a shape like that of the Infinity Gauntlet, it comes with half a dozen impotent Infinity Stones. Since you won’t have Death to impress, and neither are you a creature in the same mold as that of Thanos, there is no danger at all for you to gain control of the universe and to make it bend to your every whim and fancy. This officially licensed Marvel merchandise comes with a coin release door on its base. Definitely one of the neater coin banks that we have seen to date.

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