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InfiniteUSB might require a single USB port, but is very versatile

infinite-usbI would like to think that the USB standard has certainly advanced and moved to a point where I did not expect it to be, in a manner where the USB 3.0 standard is now able to deliver extremely fast data transfer speeds as opposed to the days of yore, although it remains to be seen just what else the future will hold. Well, here is a Kickstarter project that is well on its way to be realized. Surely the InfiniteUSB looks set to be a hit when it finally rolls off the manufacturing line and is packaged for the masses.

The InfiniteUSB will basically enable your slew of portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other compatible gadgets to remain connected to your desktop or notebook, ushering in an era of elegance to the desk. In addition, the InfiniteUSB-C will also be made available, where it will be your new MacBook 12″ or Chromebook Pixel’s best friend as it solves the USB port limitation issue due to the USB Type-C port.

After all, the InfiniteUSB-C will be in accordance with the elegant iF-awarded design of InfiniteUSB, where the latter is an open chain of USB ports, in other words, you will be able to enjoy a virtually unlimited supply of open slots, now how about that? Imagine having infinite USB ports, now that is a dream come true.