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The Infento uses the ingenuity of LEGO, but makes it life-sized and functional


The seemingly endless energy that kids possess makes them both tiring and fascinating. They want to play with, build, and destroy everything in their path while moving as quickly as possible. Toys like LEGOs are the best possible options for kids this age, because it lets them build and deconstruct as much as they want. The only problem is that it keeps them somewhat stationary, so when they finally do get to moving around, they’re ready to run for a long, long time.

What if there was a way to not only let them use their creative side, but also allow them to burn off all the extra fuel they’ve got? The Infento took after LEGO and Mecchano, but made it large enough in scale to be life-sized. These are all different kinds of vehicles that you can make, and there are up to 18 different rides to build ┬áif you have all the parts and pieces.

There are bikes, trikes, swings, scooters, wagons, and much more. To be able to make these vehicles, you’ll only need an hex key, and to separate yourself from around $499 or more. This is unique in that it can change with the age of the child, so it can accommodate a 0-14 age range. Not only will it encourage your little one to think outside the box, but you also won’t have to keep buying new toys off the shelves for them every other month.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter