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Inevitek desktop heater and cooler works wonderfully

inevitekIt does not matter whether you are a hardcore gamer or a designer, or perhaps a regular developer or editor of a news corporation, just about anyone who works with their hands dancing all over the keyboard would have gone through the experience of discomfort attributed to unbearable heat or cold at one point in time or another. Is there a way to be cooler when things start to heat up, and otherwise as well? The answer is a resounding “yes”, arriving in the form of the Inevitek, a 2-in-1 desktop heater and cooler that is now available on Kickstarter. No longer do you have to work with cold fingers or sweaty palms, as this 12 oz. soda can size desktop gadget will boast of a powerful heater and instant cooling fan.

Most people would be pleasantly surprised that the Inevitek is incredibly quiet, all the while consuming very little energy in order to warm stiff fingers and keep sweaty hands dry and cool. The presence of its instant heating and cooling function is ideal for gamers who rely on split-second reaction speeds. With the Inevitek working properly, it is said to prevent loss of hand speed by up to 40% thanks to its three adjustable heat levels when it comes to instant heating should your hands feel cold. On the inverse side of things, there are also three adjustable fan speeds that deliver just the right amount of breeze to cool sweaty palms on the spot.

The Inevitek is highly multifunctional, where it boasts of a host of other features that will certainly impress even the most seasoned nerd. It will arrive with a carbon fiber infrared heater, an ultra-quiet cooling fan with a 9-blade design and hydraulic bearings, a detachable mouse bungee that gets rid of cable tugs, a 3-port USB hub that is easily accessible, Safe Shutdown feature just in case of overheating or when it is not in use, and touch switches that require the slightest touch of your fingertips to respond. It can be pre-ordered for $43 a pop.

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