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The Induction Duo Speaker is all about sound, no cables


As life moves at an ever-increasing rate, we want nothing more than to have everything as streamlined as possible. Time is money, and we usually don’t have enough of either to make things seem fair. That’s why the little things like listening to music and playing games are so important to us. They have the power to change how you feel about a day.

If you’re on the hunt for a new speaker, then why not choose something that will be almost completely hassle-free? This Induction Duo Speaker uses, you guessed it, induction, to crank up your phone’s volume. It has a six hour battery life, and two 5-watt drivers that don’t need to pair or plug into your phone to pump up the jams. You only need to set your device on top for it to start cranking out music at a louder decibel.

This works with any device that has an external speaker, and will still turn up the sound even if you have a case on your smartphone (the device most are going to use). It has a soft, rubberized feel to it, and the only cable you’ll need is for charging. If you’re interested in this sort of convenience, then you’ll be looking at paying around $39 for this speaker. It does have a rather short battery life, compared to ones that can go for 10 or more hours, but whether or not that matters is up to your situation.

Available for purchase on red5