Indispensable Coffee Dispenser

If you are one who loves your coffee, then here you are with the $29.99 Indispensable Coffee Dispenser – something that will definitely carve a smile on your face. After all, it has been named after the adjective, ‘dispensable’, and not ‘disposable’ for good reason. Capable of holding around 0.5 lbs of coffee grounds, it sports an airtight design that ensures your coffee grounds remain as fresh as possible, but I would assume that leaving it there for a year or more is definitely going to affect the quality and freshness of the grounds, that is for sure.
The Indispensable Coffee Dispenser will dispense 1 tablespoon at a time, and the main advantage that this particular coffee dispenser has over the rest of the competition would be its eco-friendliness. After all, there are no plastic coffee pods to think about, where those are particularly wasteful. A single squeeze of the handle will enable the Indispensable Coffee Dispenser to deposit a tablespoon of grounds straight into your coffee maker, espresso machine, or reusable coffee pod.

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