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India announces the $10 laptop … for $20

NOT the computer, just an example

With great fanfare, the Indian government announced their $10 laptop, now known as the “Sakshat” and stated that the laptop would sell for twice the planned cost … $20. Still, not to bad. And although there’s no picture of this price breaking design at the moment, here’s an overview of what’s under the hood:

The Sakshat will have about 2GB of storage, presumably flash/solid state, with WiFi, Ethernet and use only about 2 watts of power. That’s really the only information so far. No specs on what size screen (although we’re guessing it’ll be on par with an average netbook, so say about 8-10 inches), or how much on board RAM it will have, and we don’t know about it’s processor either. What we do know is that the Sakshat is expected to ship in six months. The laptop will also include free e-books of all textbooks used in the Indian School system and the government promises to pay about 25% of any broadband fees to students in college.

So, really, all we learned from this epic announcement is pretty much the name of the computer and that it’s going to cost twice as much.

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13 thoughts on “India announces the $10 laptop … for $20”

  1. Seriously, why bother getting one… There is a reason for the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” So don’t complain if you buy one when their available in the states and people start calling in customer service bitching that their $10 laptop is malfunctioning. Oh geez, lets see if I get this correct mam, you bought a $10 dollar lap top for your husband as a gift and it isn’t working, go ahead send it in and we’ll send it back when we fix the issue… Then shipping cost will be another $10 you stupe idiots hahahaha! This is what I call misuse of a mind. Creating stupe toy shit.

  2. The laptop is not supposed to be for everyone out there…it’s primarily aimed at rural areas in India….
    As for the name of the laptop, well I guess they wanted to give an Indian name to it…’Sakshat’ means Capable.

    They really don’t need to name everything in English, so that people (like you) find it easy to pronounce and comprehend. if they can’t…they make fun of it….so much for understanding cultural diversity dude….

  3. Hi Karan, Ignorant American,

    Thank you for your input. We would like to apologize for the lack of sensitivity in this post, and have removed all the offending segments. Thank you for your comments and readership, we appreciate it a whole lot as it helps us improve and get better.

    We will do the necessary to make sure something like this won’t repeat itself in the future, and I’ve learnt some new words today as well in another language 🙂 Cheers!

  4. THEY DID CONFIRM IT HAS WI-FI and it is like cell-phone/MP3 player/FM player.
    cheapest wi-fi net browser is zune/iTouch/EeePC which all cost in triple digits.
    I believe this device will cost $30 per individual piece, which can come down to $20 bulk initially and $10 eventually. That will be a great wi-fi revolution.

    Ofcourse, can browse only text and no graphics/flash plus cost of wi-fi net connction is still very high in India even if available. This is like offering free television but not providing electricity and cable connection.

  5. add a web-cam, high resolution touch screen, accelerometer, latest o-map processor, 32gb storage, batteries and sell it for $75. that is what OLPC is claiming it will do in the next version of XO. I will buy it if they can sell it for $100.

  6. Dear Ignorantamerican,
    I am sorry for the error.
    I didn’t do any research on the name as the word is from my mother tongue ‘Hindi’. I messed up the translation cause the pronounication can make a lot of difference here; another word sounding very similar to this one is, ‘Saksham’ which means ‘capable’. The quality of being capable is ‘Saakshat’ and this is where i got it wrong….

  7. So it was a net-top – without display and keyboard. I would rather buy the Nokia N770/N800/N810. I really dont need a box with so many wires sticking out of it. :-(( We dont even know if it has a processor or it needs to be connected to another PC/cellphone.

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  9. @ignorantamerican

    Wikipedia is (unfortunately) not a reference one can use in an argument. If you would use wikipedia on a report in just about any college, they would flunk you on spot.

    Just one of those random tidbits of inforation.

  10. u * cant create anything as cool and affordable as this. so chill out mate, n go buy this one instead of a beer!. cheers!! love, from India!

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