iCarta 2-Bluetooth Toilet Paper Holder

I’m not one to enjoy talking about potty habits. Personally, I don’t actually go to the bathroom (although I challenge anyone to prove otherwise) My husband and daughter on the other hand, are true professionals. They have preferred toilet paper, favorite air fresheners and each one has a stack of magazines a mile high. Each … Read more

Hands-Free Toilet Seat

They say that a great marriage is built on a solid foundation of love, communication and understanding. The thing is, sometimes when different aspects of those ingredients are missing, there are still other flash points in a relationship that could spark off an argument, or worse, the silent treatment being meted out for days at … Read more

From paper shreds to toilet paper

Now this is a machine that I just had to report about. A company known as Oriental (yes, it is an Asian company) has created a machine that is very appropriate for offices called the White Goat. Yes, I would have gave it a nicer name, but honestly, White Goat is probably the most descriptive … Read more

Drink No More prevents pets from toilet drinking

Pets for some reason insist upon drinking from the toilet.  Perhaps the water is far better in there than what they find in their bowl.  Well if you would like to protect your pet from themselves, you can pick up this small gadget to help you out.  Since you can’t be around to see absolutely … Read more

Japanese Novel Written on Toilet Paper

With the many e-book readers that flood the market today, it isn’t hard to believe that we will be a paperless society in the next few decades. Pretty soon, the only paper we will be using regularly is toilet paper. So I guess it is no surprise that Japanese novelist Koji Suzuki has chosen to … Read more

The Robotan Toilet Paper Holder

These robot toilet paper holders may not have a single hi-tech feature going for them, but the fact that they’re robot heads just makes up for it.  Although I do wish they automatically ate the toilet paper when too much was hanging down.  Maybe with a random sound effect to go with it.  However, I’m … Read more

WashUP Washer and Toilet Combined

Yes, you are reading this headline correctly. Someone actually invented a washing machine that works in conjunction with a toilet. Yeah, I know it sounds pretty gross, but listen to what the WashUP actually does. The washing machine is stationed above the toilet in order to recycle the washer water into the toilet. The concept … Read more

Kurumarukun portable toilet

Kaneko Sangyo has just developed a portable toilet known as Kurumarukun that can be used inside a car, concealing the user from curious eyes with the help of a curtain. This toilet requires the user to assemble a cardboard toilet bowl (can it actually be strong enough?) that holds a water-absorbent sheet within. You can … Read more

Toilet Master – World’s first toilet jack

We’ve seen some pretty unusual gadgets on CG over the years but this one is right up there, the toilet master, the easy way to lift toilets without straining your back. I suppose most people don’t need a toilet jack all that often but for those in the trade this looks like a pretty cool … Read more