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InBody Push is a portable stadiometer

inbody-pushWhen your children are growing up, you know that they often do so in a flash — so much so that time flies by you without you realizing it. Before you know it, they have turned 18 and are bidding you goodbye, leaving the nest to go through the school of hard knocks afterwards. Well keeping track of their growth when they are young is always a fond memory, especially when it comes to puberty as growth spurts happen. To jot down one’s weight is a snap as your young one needs to just step onto a scale, but what about the height? Rather than marking your wall with a pen, pencil or marker at each birthday, you might as well keep your wall looking pristine — and utilize the InBody Push instead.

The InBody Push is a portable stadiometer that can be held in your hand, as it provides the ability for one to obtain quick and accurate height measurements — all with but a single push of the button. Upon doing so, it takes just a single second for the InBody Push to measure a child or teen’s height accurately. We are looking at a margin of error of less than 0.2 inches, now how about that?

Jeff Kim, Head of Marketing and Public Relations, shared, “Parents often think of their child’s growth in terms of height and weight. InBody has long helped people understand their body weight in a much more meaningful way through body composition analysis. Now, with the InBody PUSH, we’re offering a deeper understanding of the other significant portion of a child’s physical development – their height.”

You can use the InBody PUSH with the PUSH: Growth Diary app that can be downloaded for free over in the App Store or Google Play Store. This app let parents track and trend their child’s height against the CDC Growth Chart, letting them know whether their child falls within the average readings or not. The InBody PUSH would be ideal to measure height from 1’7″ to 6’6″. Surely this hassle-free method of height tracking ought to be a staple in all homes?

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