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InBody BAND 2 wearable body composition analyzer

inbody-band2Ever wondered whether your workout schedule actually has had a positive effect on your body? While weighing yourself and seeing your weight drop might be just one particular sign, it would be far better to have a dose of other metrics to be able to keep track of. The InBody BAND 2 is a wearable body composition analyzer that is now available for sale, where this all new fitness tracker will be able to measure percent body fat, fat mass, as well as muscle mass, not to mention keeping count of the number of steps that you have taken for that particular day while monitoring your heart rate.

With the functionalities of body composition analysis and a fitness tracker being fused into a solitary device, the InBody BAND 2 can be said to be the total and complete package if you would like to maximize your workout sessions. What makes the InBody BAND 2 special compared to the other devices would be the ability to measure percent body fat, fat mass and muscle mass, providing you with positive markers of your health’s improvement. Not only that, the InBody BAND 2 will also be able to track steps and monitor activity time.

After all, it is far more encouraging to see fat mass decrease while one’s muscle mass increase, as opposed to just seeing one’s weight drop. Such changes will go a long way in helping keep someone on track to achieve a better quality of health. Other features found on the InBody BAND 2 include EZ Training that will automatically track workouts through a selection of 12 exercises (shoulder press, bench press, kettlebell swing, crunch, plank, deadlift, squat, lunge, wall sit, jumping jack, burpee and hip bridge), sleep monitoring, and heart rate monitoring via ECG technology. Any takers for this fitness wearable?

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