InaTrap mosquito trap review

Mosquitoes – love them or loathe them, wait a minute here. Unless you are part of an extremely niche scientific community who loves spending time with mosquitoes because of your research work, I don’t think anyone else would love them. In fact, we are armed to the teeth with plenty of anti-mosquito remedies to date, but none of them seem to be a permanent solution to the mosquito question. These tiny bloodsuckers have the awesome ability of sneaking into your home unnoticed, only to keep you awake all through the night with their incessant buzzing, while taking sips of your vitamin-nourished blood before sneaking away to return another night. I was given the InaTrap device to review, and since I live in a tropical country where it is perpetually summer all year round in humid conditions, it is the ideal tool to duke it out against those pesky mosquitoes.

The big question is, does it work or not? Do I have a Dungeons & Dragons-style of 16’ mosquito cone of silence when the InaTrap device is turned on? Well, before I answer that question, here is a little bit of background information on the kind of technology that you will be getting in exchange for $89.90. For instance, it is definitely a looker, where it resembles more of a high tech lamp than a mosquito trap, and nice to know it does not harm you, your pets, plants, and basically remains as quiet as a church mouse even when it is turned on.
Basically, when the InaTrap mosquito trap is turned on, it will get about trying to entice mosquitoes to enter through the opening right under the pseudo-shade, where the whirring fan will suck them into the compartment which is located at the base, and those pesky bloodsuckers won’t be flying out to bother you any more after that. What is the deal with the InaTrap that makes it more enticing than your blood? Well, the UV light will turn on to attract mosquitoes while emitting extremely low levels of carbon dioxide to be the bait. Of course, the manual says that this works best when you are not in the room, so you would do well to turn this on in your home whenever you are not around, and hopefully, by the time you return, you would find your fair share of mosquitoes inside.
The spinning fan should make short work of the mosquito that goes through it, where you then pull open the tray at the bottom and dispose of the bodies. I personally have captured more than just mosquitoes with the InaTrap, although moths are not predisposed to it, there were other tiny winged insects that were sucked to their doom.
So far, the InaTrap, while it managed to trap its fair share of mosquitoes, still did not make my apartment mosquito free even though I have made sure that there are no possible breeding grounds for them. Perhaps it is time to start checkout out that wardrobe of mine that is filled to the brim with old clothes, I am quite sure that a fair number of them literal suckers are waiting, biding their time to fly out while avoiding the fate of their brethren. Bear in mind that you will need to replace the CCFL lighting approximately once every couple of years in order to keep it running at maximum efficiency.
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