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Inateck Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Case Review

Inateck Surface Pro Case

When you get a really nice tablet, you don’t want to keep it out in the open or tuck it under your arm when moving from place to place. Keeping it safe and secure in a bag with a specific slot for your tablet, laptop, and phone will guard it from scratches, dings, and dents. Of course, not all of us already have a bag with these pockets or slots in place. If you don’t want to spring for a new bag, then getting a protective sleeve is the next best thing. There are more options than there are tablets out there, but if you happen to have a Surface Pro, Inateck has something for you.

 The Inateck Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Felt Sleeve has a crafty yet sophisticated look to it. This uses high quality grey felt for the exterior, soft flannel for the interior, and a leather accent on the front. While it is a bit minimalistic, this is going to keep everything safe and sound with just enough padding to make sure the normal rough and tumble of the day isn’t going to scratch or break your pricey device.

Inateck Surface Pro Velcro Clasp

After weeks of use, it’s still looking great with little to no pilling or fraying of the felt, even the area surrounding the Velcro that holds the sleeve closed. There is a main pocket that can accommodate a 12” Surface Pro 3, a 10.6” Surface Pro 2, or 1. There is a second pocket cut into the front, though anything you put in it that isn’t slim and flat starts to make this case bulge a bit oddly, as I’m sure you can tell from the pen pictured above. There are two pockets in the back that also fall flat against the main compartment which are designed to hold your phone and wallet, but again, that’s assuming that you don’t have a bulky case on your phone or a million things in your wallet to make this pooch out.

The great thing about this case is that it can be cleaned it if it gets dirty, however it is not as great that this is dry clean only. It does come with a little felt case with an elastic band to hold it closed which can house your mouse, but it seemed to better serve as cable storage to reduce the bulk of this case which makes it look awkward. This is not in the least expensive at only $16.99 for Prime people, but this case might be trying a bit too hard to have pockets when it should just stick to being a sleeve. The potential drawbacks are that this sort of material will start to pill eventually, and the lack of handle makes it only functional as a protective case inside of another bag rather than a standalone carry-all.

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