Inamo Restaurant

Technology and restaurants have combined at the Imano Restaurant in London, as every table is essentially a computer display. These tables are not like the Microsoft Surface, but they are just as good.

As you can see, there are projectors above the tables to obtain the virtual display, and there is a circular touchpad to allow for navigation. From the moment a customer sits down, the user can then select their “placemat” like selecting a wallpaper for Windows.

From there, the customer/user can look at the menu, which includes pictures of the appetizers, main courses, even drinks. Ordering is as simple as pointing and clicking, and a wait-person will deliver your meal to you.

While the customer is waiting, he or she has the option of watching their meal prepared through a camera in the kitchen. The customer also has the option of playing a game with his or her dining partner. I have included this YouTube video showing a little kid enjoying his Imano interaction.

So is the Inamo the wave of the future when it comes to restaurants? I hope so. I am tired of flagging down a wait-person every time I want a refill of my drink. Of course, one has to ask if mixing too much technology removes the human element of restaurants. Do you want a robot to bring out your meal? I would probably have to ask how well the robot can do the job, and if it requires tips.


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