Inada W.1 Massage Chair brings musical and physical relief


Massage chairs are a luxury item to have in any household, as they offer you the chance to experience kneads that soothe away the entire day’s stress, giving aching muscles a well deserved rest after a hard day at work or at the gym. Many a company has released these massage chairs over the past few years, and generally, most of these chairs work the same across the board, where the more expensive ones come with a wider range of massage functions. The Inada W.1 Massage Chair aims to be different from the rest of the crowd by offering music and sound synchronization that combines with your favorite tunes that are being generation from a home entertainment system.

While this idea sounds novel, it has already been done before as Osim has already released its iSymphony range in Asia quite a while back, massaging you in tandem to the music being played. The Inada W.1 Massage Chair will first scan your body with its integrated infrared sensors the moment it starts up in order to obtain the main tsubo pressure points. An automatic program will then run while the data gleaned from the sensor is processed, as the rollers get to work by kneading your shoulders first. Of course, for those who prefer to be massaged differently at the start up can always reprogram the starting position by using the remote control.

The Inada W.1 Massage Chair also boasts an amplifier unit and a speaker head rest which connects the massage chair with your home entertainment system. The entire massage experience will be keyed to the music and sounds within the bass range, while tapping, back, and leg vibration work in tandem to the treble range. Fret not, if you find the massage being too uncomfortable due to your rocking choice of music, you can always adjust the bass and treble levels via the “Up” and “Down” buttons. Pricing details are currently unavailable.

Product Page via Born Rich

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