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In-Reach Child Tracking System

In-Reach Child Tracking System

I remember as a teenager back in the eighties the quick phenomenon of “kid leashes”. These were dual bracelets that attached with some phone-cord like line, designed to keep the kid a safe distance. This was a market that I was glad never took off.

However, I am a parent now and know the general feeling of complete nervousness that occurs every time my children just up and run off in a public place. I think the only thing that keeps me from purchasing a “kid leash” are my not-so-fond memories of controlling parents.

However, there is a technological alternative: the In-Reach Child Tracking System. This device has an ankle bracelet that is reminiscent of those under house arrest or parole. There is a child sensor belt for the parent.

Apparently, you set a boundary for your kids so that if they go outside it, an alarm will sound. This boundary can be as low as 10 feet or high as 300 feet. I found that the Product Page is very unspecific about everything that it can do, but it comes with a Child Panic and Parent Alert Button.

If you are a nervous parent, perhaps this will calm your nerves. It is available at the Security Safety Spy site for about $44.95.