In Car Charger has USB ports to spare

Considering that many of our mobile electronics have USB ports for charging, it is not always convenient to find a spare USB port, especially when traveling on the road.

I suppose this is why the In car charger has USB ports, four of them actually. This In car charger plugs right into the cigarette lighter, and now the user can plug in an iPod, mobile phone, digital camera, GPS device, or any other USB device that he or she needs on the open road.

The charger works within a range of 12-24 volts, and a fuse that can be changed out. I suppose this is very useful for people constantly on the road, like truckers, but only if the user doesn’t smoke.

If you’re confused by that last sentence, just try to imagine lighting a cigarette when you’ve got four cords plugged in to this In car charger. If you’re not too careful, you’ll burn a USB wire when you put the lighter back in the socket.

If you are the type who has multiple gadgets, and needs to take them on the road, then this is probably what you need. You can get it on the USBFever website for about $22.99.