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Improved Vizplex e-book reader


We all know that the Vizplex display has been given a boost not too far back in order to enhances the reading experience of electronic books, but as the age old adage goes – the proof is in the pudding, and in this case, the reading. What better way to gage this improvement by actually using an e-book reader that utilizes this new and improved display? Features of NUUT’s NP-601 e-book reader include six inches of viewing real estate at a resolution of 600 x 800 pixels, 20% more brightness than its predecessor, twice the refresh speed, and 512MB of internal memory. There is an SD/MMC memory card slot for expansion purposes, while a headphone jack is provided to cater for non-reading functions. No word on whether the NP-601 will head out of South Korea anytime soon, but it retails for approximately $300 after conversion there.

Source: Engadget

2 thoughts on “Improved Vizplex e-book reader”

  1. looks quite interesting, but who needs such things? i´d only buy it out of interest (if it cost $5 or something). i don´t think that these kinds of gadgets will catch on as the customer wants to have 1 gadget for (nearly) everything. but anyway, interesting. thanks for sharing.

  2. This seems like it will go far. I know many people who are in the medical field who would love this gadget. This would improve the medical staff’s reliability and promote the employees to work much faster. The thing that I think it should have is a data transfering eye where the data, much like the PDA’s today, can be tranfered from one e-book reader to another.

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