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Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit is a refurbished shooter

polaroid-one-step-flashWhen we talk about cameras these days, you can be sure that all of the conversation will be centered on the digital format – there will be no more of such discussions concerning the film format, at least not like in the days of our fathers and grandfathers. Well, if you would like to experience what it was like in the past, perhaps you can always take a peek with the $139.99 Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit.

The Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit will come with an integrated flash, fixed focus ability and an electronic shutter, with this being a refurbished 600-type camera. Apart from that, this also means that it will be compatible with all 600-type film. Kudos to members of The Impossible Project who purchased the last Polaroid production plant in the world so that they can continue to roll out new film products for the thousands of Polaroid cameras that are still being used outside. For those who do not have a Polaroid camera, the Impossible Black Flash 600 Camera Kit gives you a chance to be part of the past, where it comprises of a couple of PX 600 Color film packs and a single refurbished 600-type camera, which is either the 640 or the all-black One Step Flash.