iMONO 80-in-1 High Speed Card Reader


Now how about that – an 80-in-1 Memory Card Reader? I thought the number stopped at fifty-something the last time I checked. My, my, how time flies.

iMONO 80-in-1 High Speed Card Reader supports 8-bit read-and-write speed – an Incredible speedy data transfer! No card adapters are needed as it compatible with most popular memory cards (Support the latest card types as SDHC, MMC4.2, CF4.0, micro SDHC and mini SDHC).

Brando is carrying this for $17.00, which is a pretty decent price if you ask me considering how everyone else is slowly but surely migrating over to the higher capacity formats these days. With measurements of 100mm x 27mm x 15mm, this is surely one portable friendly device.

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