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Immerse Virtual Reality Headset lets you see through the looking glass

immerse-vr-headsetWhile the Google Glass experiment more or less failed, not taking off in a big way among the masses, does this mean that the virtual reality or augmented reality market is no longer a viable one for the masses? On the contrary – there is still money to be made in this particular segment, and here we are with the £29.99 Immerse Virtual Reality Headset.

The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset intends to be a highly affordable gateway for the masses to enjoy a high-quality foray into the world of Virtual Reality (VR), where you can transform your smartphone in double quick time into a fully-featured VR headset. Not only that, your head and ears will thank you for it in the long run, since it does offer an extremely comfortable material thanks to the face contact foam as well as adjustable head straps. Expect this unique device to play nice with a slew of VR apps that are out there in the market, including 3D movies and immersive games. Heck, you might even be excited enough to watch someone else experience it, how about that?

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