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iMCO Technology reveals CoBand K4 fitness tracker

cobandk4Fitness trackers are pretty nifty things to have around your wrist. After all, it is a constant reminder to you that you ought to get moving more as opposed to lazing on the couch, snacking on some chips and gulping down copious amounts of Coke. While a smartphone might have an app that is able to provide a general idea on how many steps you’ve taken, there is nothing quite like a dedicated fitness tracker to get the job done. CoWatch manufacturer, iMCO Technology, knows this, which is why they have announced the CoBand K4, a fitness tracker that will get the job done without breaking the bank.

iMCO Technology happens to be the maker of the world’s 1st Alexa smartwatch, and the CoBand K4 is a fine addition to their portfolio of devices. Costing a fraction of brand name prices, the CoBand K4 will not skimp when it comes to quality and features. The asking price of $32.95 is certainly an eyebrow raiser, and when you take into consideration how it is now on sale at just $19.95, this is definitely something to mull over. At this price point, just what kind of hardware features will the user be able to expect?

It will obviously be able to keep track of all your fitness movements, such as number of steps taken, distance walked/run, and calories expended. In terms of health tracking, expect it to keep track of your heart rate, while being able to measure the quality of sleep that you are getting each day. Obviously, this means wearing it even at night while you snooze away. The large OLED screen is nifty in reading scrolling text messages, where you can choose to have it showcase information in either a horizontal or vertical display. When connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth (through its freeiOS and Android apps), it is able to receive a range of phone notifications. Turning on the display is as simple as raising your arm, and with IP65 water resistance rating and a 5 day battery life on a single charge, certainly the CoBand K4 has more than meets the eye.

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