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The ImageLock uses pictures to open a combination lock


Have you ever come across an idea where you don’t know if they’re serious or not? It’s neat to see innovations where there’s some sort of advancement on a product that’s been around for years, but sometimes people just change things that already work, but very slightly, to see if people will bite. Of course, they can’t sell it for nearly the same markup, but the fact they have likely invested real money into a seemingly silly idea is always confusing.

You’ve seen a padlock and a combination lock before, but they rely on keys, numbers, or letters. If you have something you want to protect with a lock, but think it might be too easy to get through a lock with a key, combination locks are the next bet. However, if you have a hard time remembering letter and number combinations, you could always resort to the Imagelock.

If you really do struggle with numbers and letter locks then this is a great alternative, but it just seems a tad silly since it is taking an already existing product and not really improving it much since there are fewer options on the dial. Remembering cat-butterfly-umbrella is certainly easier than putting it exactly on 2-32-9. This only costs $3.99, and seems to be aimed more at younger kids than anything, as it would be strange to use this as an adult at the gym. It would still do it’s job, but the code is much easier to crack.

Available for purchase on image-lock