iLuv portable speakers get color for the Spring


If you need some shiny new portable speakers to go with your iPod or MP3 player, iLuv has these brightly colored ones.  Just in time for spring you can find these speakers in an assortment of colors to suit anyone.  They offer from the overly feminine to the neutral colors for those that don’t really want any of that color nonsense mucking up their speakers.  The only thing they’re missing are the bright but not girly colors, like red or blue.

The iSP100 speakers are portable enough to take with you anywhere you like.  Be it while you’re out and about or just while you’re going from room to room cleaning house.  The speakers include 720-degree surround sound 4W speakers and of course the necessary 3.5mm jack.  That jack makes it so that you can use it with any music player.  They run on three AAA batteries and it comes with a carrying case to protect from scuffs.  You can pick one up for $34.99 in purple, pink, black or gray.

Source: Gearlog