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iLuv mySight Wi-Fi video camera offers added peace of mind

mysightLife is not all that simple as before – you can be sure that stories of thefts and break-ins are guaranteed to cause a chill down the spine of anyone who is a worry wart, and this might also paralyze others from leaving their home for an extended period of time, such as for a holiday or the sorts. Having said that, we cannot live while being shrouded in fear, and ought to take control of such a negative emotion and do our best to alleviate that. So what if you cannot afford a live-in security guard – how about checking out the iLuv mySight Wi-Fi video camera that can be used to monitor what is going on at home?

Creative Technology has just announced their very first Wi-Fi video camera with cloud storage under the iLuv label, and the mySight will be a very different proposition since from what is a standard issue home video security camera as it is an elegantly designed, easy-to-use video camera that will enable owners to remain connected to their homes or businesses regardless of where they are. Being part of iLuv’s new Connected Home – Connected Life series of smart products, mySight will pave the way for owners to manage and control their lives with a greater level of ease and efficiency.

The mySight boasts of a modern, elegant design that was originally inspired by a wine glass and makes an attractive addition to any room. You can opt to leave it free-standing or to have it mounted to a wall. With the mySight, owners are able to access live streaming video thanks to the free iOS and Android apps or via their computers through a Web browser. In fact, setting up the mySight to run takes all of just 60 seconds so that it can hook up to your Wi-Fi network, before letting it work with the free Ivideon app.

mySight relies on bank-level encryption for streaming and cloud recording purposes, letting you save your most important moments for posterity. Optional cloud recording service will help save footage to a secure cloud server so that you can stash it for viewing up to 30 days later. All live video will be streamed in 720p HD for a crystal clear feed, and it has an integrated 120º field of vision so that you can view an entire room all at once, while infrared night vision makes it ideal for security purposes even at night. Expect the iLuv mySight to cost $149.99 a pop if you’re interested.

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