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iLuv Aud Mini Smart 6 portable Bluetooth speaker

aud-mini6Bluetooth speakers do seem to be pretty big, and for a good reason, too. Most of the portable devices that we own these days do come with musical playback capability, as they support a slew of audio formats. In addition to that, there is also integrated Bluetooth connectivity, that makes life a whole lot easier and more convenient since there are no worries of cables to be concerned with. Well, iLuv has decided to jump aboard the portable Bluetooth speaker bandwagon with their latest model, the iLuv Aud Mini Smart 6 portable Bluetooth speaker.

The iLuv Aud Mini Smart 6 portable Bluetooth speaker happens to be the first app-enabled portable Bluetooth speaker with FM radio from the company, and you can be sure that this is going to be a favorite among those who hate to lug around heavy and bulky items, since the Aud Mini Smart 6 will come with a similar footprint as that of the iPhone 6. However, just like how we have been warned not to judge a book by its cover for many a time, so too, should we not judge the performance level of a speaker by its size.

Despite the small footprint, the Aud Mini Smart 6 will be able to deliver big sound, and it also boasts of other additional convenient features in the vein of an FM radio, weather resistance, and hands-free calling. Being part of iLuv’s new Connected Home – Connected Life series of smart products, the Aud Mini Smart 6 will be able to connect owners to powerful technology for great quality music.

Being weather-resistant makes it ideal for the on-the-go adventurer, as it can be slipped into pockets in double quick time, and can also be attached by clip via the included, handy carabiner. There is also an accompanying easy-to-use app that lets one pair your handset or tablet to the speaker via Bluetooth, letting you stream music wirelessly and listen to FM radio without draining your data plan. A panic button is also handy in emergency situations, while you can choose from a quartet of different colors: black, grey, green, and pink.. The iLuv Aud Mini Smart 6 will retail for $29.99 a pop.

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