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ilumi range of LED Smartbulbs announced

ilumiFrom smartphones to smart cars, here we are presented with something that is still not all that common at home – the smartbulb. Of course, this does not mean that there has been no smartbulbs in the past, but rather, we are starting to see improvements with each passing generation of smartbulbs – which is to be expected, really. ilumi has just revealed the second generation ilumi Smartbulbs, where it will be on the receiving end of a complete makeover with improved performance, added features, new integrations and an impressive new app

This second generation Smartbulb series from ilumi has been launched as a Kickstarter project, where there is a relatively affordable price of $29 as part of its introductory offer. Of course, it has already distributed thousands of original LED Smartbulbs to customers worldwide, and now the Mark Cuban backed ilumi is more than excited to showcase its second generation of smart, bright, efficient and entertaining Smartbulbs, calling them the new ilumi A19 and BR30 Flood Smartbulbs, respectively.

Regardless of which model you select, ilumi’s new energy efficient and user friendly A19 and BR30 Smartbulbs will both arrive with improved Bluetooth Smart mesh wireless connectivity, where it will be able to deliver a first of its kind long-range wireless connection that merges the qualities of speed, reliability and simplicity. Thanks to ilumi’s Bluetooth Smart mesh, users are able to hook up over 50 ilumi Smartbulbs sans wires with a potential range of over 150 feet, which should be more than adequate to cover large homes or commercial installations. In other words, the ilumi Smartbulbs can offer a commercial grade lighting control and automation system which can be setup in seconds without a hub, now how about that?

The A19 and BR30 will come with an updated beautiful industrial design, marrying elegance and class. The A19 features a natural dome structure for a wider dispersion angle in order to fit everyday standard lamps, pendants, fans or general lighting fixtures, sporting 10 watts of power, while the BR30 has over 1100 lumens brightness at an efficient 15 watts of power, where both of them carry the patented HyperLux LED technology that delivers high brightness in variations of white and vibrant saturated colors. Well, what are you waiting for? Go support this crowdfunding project already!

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