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Ilumi delivers the BR30 outdoor light for your home

ilumiI have always liked the sitcom Home Improvement back in the days when Tim Allen was a big time funnyman. While there was not many ideas when it comes to improving the looks of one’s home in the sitcom, the title was engaging enough, and for those who like to do the actual thing in terms of fixing up their home, then there are many ways to do so. Some of us might want to give the house a whole new coat of paint, while others might want to fix up their backyard by ensuring it is properly lighted up. Having said that, ilumi has stepped forward for those who would like to transform backyards, front porches, as well as just about any other kind of outside areas thanks to the BR30 Outdoor.

ilumi has transformed its color-tunable, simple and bright Smartbulb into the ultimate outdoor accessory, where the connected home will now include the outdoors thanks to ilumi’s BR30 Outdoor, which is the first and only outdoor-rated LED smart bulb that has been specially designed to live and perform outside. This is because it boasts of a waterproof construction, accompanied by MeshTek Bluetooth Smart connection and a boundless list of features, the BR30 Outdoor will be able to instantly transform any dull outdoor patio, deck, backyard, front porch, pool house or gardening landscape into a customizable living space.

The BR30 Outdoor’s IP64 rating would also translate to it being able to handle the likes of rain and splashes from all angles, which means it is ideal to live on the outside without you worrying too much about it. This newfound versatility would allow one to take the connected home to unchartered outdoor territories, as one can select several ambiances in their backyard with these color-tunable Smartbulbs to entertain guests or set the mood.

The energy-efficient BR30 Outdoor delivers more than 1000+ lumens while only consuming 15 watts of power, where it is an equivalent brightness of a 75-100 watt incandescent, at a fraction of the energy cost. The BR30 Outdoor is now up for pre-order for $69.99 a pop and will start to ship this coming summer.

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