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The IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light – don’t go into the light!


When you have to go to the bathroom at night, your groggy self has a hard time not running into everything on the way there. It’s not as though anything has moved since you went to bed, but the navigation systems are off, and you’re flying half-asleep. If you need a guiding light to make it to your destination and actually hit your target, you’re going to need a landing signal.

The best way to grab your attention is through lights in the dark, and the IllumiBowl will do exactly that. This is a motion-activated toilet light that can be set to stay on a single color, or rotate through the 8 hue options it has. This is a little clip that will go under the seat, and projects light into the toilet bowl so you can see where you’re aiming to do your business.

This needs 3 AAA batteries to work, and is made of plastic that is very easy to clean. It uses LEDs, so you should hopefully not have to be replacing the batteries every other day. There are color options of red, orange, blue, green, white, purple, magenta, and cyan. This is only going to cost you $19.99, which is either expensive or cheap depending on how useful you find this to be. This would certainly make parties more interesting for the people who imbibe more than they should and need to hang out in the bathroom.

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