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Illumibowl makes sure you no longer miss in the middle of the night

illumibowlWhen it comes to toilets and bathrooms, one thing is for sure – the ladies do seem to have a cleaner place to do their business, although I too, have heard of my fair share of horror stories concerning a lack of cleanliness on their part. Well, us guys tend to need to aim, and during the night, when we are half asleep and stumbling our way through to the toilet, we might just take things for granted and relieve ourselves without turning on the light. This might result in some wayward sprays which is not too hygienic at all, which is why having something like the £19.99 Illumibowl would definitely go a long way in making life better for just about everyone.

The Illumibowl is as its name suggests – this is a motion activated toilet night light that is capable of fitting into any toilet, where it will not only provide your toilet with a sprinkle of color, it will deliver – count this, nine color options in total! Doesn’t it feel as though you were in some sort of science fiction movie in this manner then? It will also go a long way in maintaining the peace and harmony of a relationship so that you do not have to spend an additional cent on counselling. While it might not be motion activated like what we’ve seen in the past, it is definitely still a novel idea!

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