Illoom Balloons add an LED twist to your balloons


Balloons seem to have lost their appeal to most of us.  They’re still just the same boring balloons we’ve had for years.  Sure, those ones made into cool shapes will keep us a little more interested, but it’s still not enough.  Well these Illoom Balloons bring new life to balloons.  Fill a dark room with these and you’ll have some interesting child-like lighting that will keep everyone entertained.

Each balloon has a tiny LED light, which makes the whole balloon glow.  In order to get the balloon started you just pull the tab to activate it, then air it up.  You can as usual either just blow them up and have little glowing spheres on the floor or put helium inside to give yourself some floating spheres.  Surprisingly these will actually glow for a full 15 hours.  They come in packs of 15, you can get a blue pack, a pink/white/purple pack and then a mixed colors one.  Each pack of them will cost you £8.99 or about $14 through Firebox.

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