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ILIFE reveals the A8 robotic vacuum

ILIFE_A8When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of a home or office, there is plenty of work to be done. In fact, if the amount of space in the area is huge, it can feel as though the task has amplified. ILIFE figured out that homemakers and virtually anyone else who is too busy to clean the home can always receive a little bit of additional assistance in the form of the A8 robotic vacuum cleaner. This is a flagship model from the manufacturer, where the all-new A8 robot vacuum will arrive equipped with a 360 degree live-vision camera navigation system.

 It also looks great from the get go, and will continue on a trajectory where robotic vacuum cleaners end up as something that is worth investing in. After all, many of us are already too pooped from our everyday work and stress at the office, that it can become really, really difficult and challenging to return home and attend to chores. Boasting of an aesthetic design and superior automation, the A8 self-navigating robot vacuum is enabled by PanoView. This allows it to navigate spaces precisely with a high-definition camera, where all of the information gathered will be processed through a trio of integrated data chips and CV-SLAM graphics algorithm which works great for mapping and route planning.

It will also be assisted by a three-stage cleaning system, enabling the A8 to clean along the planned route without having to miss out on or to repeat cleaning in other areas. There is also a pause/resume navigation system, which will allow the A8 to automatically return to its charging base each time the battery starts to run low on juice, and resume cleaning when its task was interrupted. In other words, this is one autonomous large room cleaner that will boast of a voice alert system so that it delivers real-time status announcements. Measuring all of just 7.2cm thin, this form factor enables the A8 to easily scoot under beds and sofas in order to get rid of dust bunnies and other hard-to-reach areas.

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