iLaunch Thunder loves your iPhone

Feel like you are the President of the US with the £79.99 iLaunch Thunder – imagine you hold the “nuclear football” in your hands, and you have already been sent all the relevant launch codes to send a reply to North Korea’s recent nuclear attack on one of your country’s military bases – all it takes is a single press of a button, and a retaliatory missile is sent all the way back to North Asia. Of course, this is nowhere near as serious, and does not endanger a single human life, but it might help you experience a feeling of power albeit momentarily.
No longer do you need to throw bits of paper or rubber at your colleagues to irritate them (or paying tit for tat), but all you need to do is adjust where this sleek missile launcher is supposed to point at, where its air-powered pistons will then get to work, shooting safe, spongy projectiles up to 8 meters away. Of course, the iPhone is not the only device that enables control of the iLaunch Thunder, as the iPod Touch and iPad will get the job done as well. Bluetooth connectivity is what delivers the commands over to the iLaunch Thunder, and sporting a rotating angle of 270 degrees with the ability to tilt up or down through 45 degrees, you have quite the weapon on your desk.